We are a full service company that provides our customers with ”Solutions” to the various soils and conditions that each site presents. We are a “Solution Provider” with products that are not an “all in one solution”, each condition requires a selection of the correct product and application. Many seem to believe that one product fits all, unfortunately that has been proven to be untrue.

Our company evaluates soils, aggregate, vehicle loads and vehicle passes as well as weather and intended use to define the appropriate selection of product and rates of application.

PZS Stabilization’s application division ensures the proper protocols are followed to ensure success.

Our customers range from the United States to Canada, Latin America and beyond all with very differing soils and load conditions. We are able to match the correct product and application rates to the existing soil conditions. We have taken this concept well beyond the normal and are able to manufacture a site specific chemistry to match the soils and conditions. This is unheard of in the industry as many companies are bound to their patents or available components that are linear in the broad spectrum of use.

We believe in success one customer at a time.

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